How to Create an Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch? 

An elevator pitch is a short speech you can give someone that quickly describes your background and experience. The reason for the name? It should be short enough that you can complete it in a short elevator ride. An elevator pitch is a great way to set the stage in an interview when asked the question: “tell me about yourself?”. Think of it as an icebreaker and an introduction.

What is in an elevator pitch? 

  • This speech should be all about you: who you are, what you do, and if you are seeking a new position, what you want to do 
  • You need to share your credentials, knowledge, and experience quickly and effectively.
  • You should introduce yourself to new career connections in a compelling way 
  • Done effectively, your elevator pitch can land you a new position or connections necessary to your career

How to write an elevator pitch? 

  • Always start by introducing yourself. 
  • Next answer the question– What do you do? What is your educational background, current and previous work experience, and anything else you can think of that would be critical to an employer hiring. 
  • What do you want? Where do you foresee yourself in your career down the road? This is the ask – explain how you would be a good fit for a position or what you hope to gain from the conversation. 

Other Tips: 

  • Take your time. Though the elevator pitch should be short you shouldn’t speak too quickly or rush through it. Speaking at a regular pace will show confidence.
  • Make it conversational. Make sure your elevator pitch is conversational and not rehearsed. 
  • Avoid niche words and phrases. Use general easy to understand language. 
  • Be confident. Use good posture, keep eye contact and smile.